Saturday, March 1, 2008

Operation Workshop Overhaul

My workshop is a small room attached to the back of the house (though accessible only from the outside). I'm so grateful to have that space, but it sure is hard for me to keep it organized. The biggest problem is all the surplus STUFF that has been dumped there until I can have a yard sale (three weekends from now is my tentative yard sale date). Within the past few months, I have greatly simplified my home, purging it of many of the uneccesary things that don't get used very often or just take up too much space for what they're worth. I usually take stuff to the thrift store, but right now I have so MANY things to pass on, that I just can't bear to take it all anywhere. There are alot of very nice things; wooden toys, board games, movies, not to mention the HUNDREDS of books that are stashed in my closet, Ari's closet, Art Room closet, the workshop, the art room floor. . . . Yes, hundreds. No exaggeration.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day today (the first beautiful day of the whole year was yesterday!) so I was greatly energized and set out to clean up the workshop a bit. Above are the before and after photos. I'm pretty happy with the results, especially considering I actually ADDED stuff to the workshop from the house. Yes, there is still a ton of yard sale stuff in there, but at least it's all pretty organized. Once all of that is gone, there will be space enough for me to set up a work table just for Ari. He's very excited!

Goodbye Winter Stagnation, Hello Spring Freshness!
wishing you the same fresh energy in your lives,

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Lizz said...

Yay for Spring organization! Great to peek into your workshp.

So what goodies are you getting rid of? I'm always looking for boys clothes size 2T and 5 and good Waldorf books.