Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Blog Post!

So here it is. My first ever blog post in my first ever blog. I hope that this provides a way to peek into our lives for family and friends living afar, as well as for people who visit my Etsy store and want to know more about me.

I recently found a nice light yellow wool sweater at the thrift store. After felting it in the washing machine it turned out to be the perfect size for Ari so I cut the sleeves off and made it into a vest. I needle-felted mountains and a moon (his design choice) onto the front-- and -- viola! It was done! I think it turned out really good, and Dudo likes it to which is really saying something considering how picky he is about his clothes (a friend bought him the cutest striped overalls in Ecuador that he won't touch!).

The baby in the second picture is named Zebbie. He's a brand new addition to our family and we love him so very much! He was made by etsy seller auntboosbabies (check her out at auntboosbabies.etsy.com)-- she makes the most adorable, lovable dolls!

wishing you the joys of all things handmade,
mama randa the felter


shelleycaskey said...

your little boy is so beautiful! and i love that vest. :) oh, and zebbie is a cutie, too. :)

TheSingingBird said...

Sunset what a sweet post to begin your blog, your beautiful boy with his boo baby and his mama's love wrapped around him!

Lizz said...

Welcome to blogging! Ari is darling as is his new vest. We love Aunt Boo too. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.


RunninL8 said...

That's VERY cool. Are you planning on making more to sell and are they washable?!?