Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hermie and Secrets of the Ocean Realm

Here's our newest family member. Low maintenance, low investment (June Bug paid for it himself), and absolutely wonderful to a boy who is fascinated by ocean life.
Here's a superb ocean documentary series that we found at our library. We have watched half of them now and they are simply fantastic.
Here's one of our new favorite creatures-- the pikeblenny. They live in small holes or discarded worm tubes, but if they are near other blennys they swim around 'fighting' (which is nothing more than opening their mouths at each other) and stealing each others' homes.

Here's another favorite, the Sarcastic Fringehead (the one in the back). Yup, that's really it's name. they open their mouths to be HUGE. Biggest mouth wins a fight. The words "Sarcastic Fringehead" also makes a good insult if you ever need a clever one!
Wishing You the Desire to Follow your Children's Interests,
Mama the Randa Who Sometimes Feels Like a Zookeeper

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sticker Making

I always have to remember not to go to Hobby Lobby when there is nothing in particular I need and I don't have extra money for spontaneous shopping. Well, I broke the rule, and after hearing alot about Xyron sticker makers, I bought one. It's so much fun!

I spent the morning clipping small squares from a magic cabin catalog. Such a cute pleasing result!I asked Dudo to draw a scene for some of the little fairy stickers.

I'm still brainstorming other ideas of ways to incorporate our homemade stickers into our school time. Any ideas?

Wishing You Fun Lessons with Your Children,
Mama Randa the Sticker Maker

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Returning to the Online Community

Well, here I am again, hopping back into blogland after a long sojourn. I'm easing back in, so no lengthy, thoughtful, or meaningful posts today. Just something simple and non-commital. Like a picture of Dudo in his soccer uniform- he just started playing this week. It's the first organized group activity he's ever been involved in.He's actually really good at soccer, and even more surprising is that he stays fairly focused and listens well to the coaches (!) Of course, the first practice/game turned into a lesson in sportsmanship-- "We DONT throw grass at the other team" and "We don't insist to the other team that OUR team is the best". All good lessons for a five year old.

Wishing you New Activities for this Season,
Mama Randa the Soccer Mom