Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sticker Making

I always have to remember not to go to Hobby Lobby when there is nothing in particular I need and I don't have extra money for spontaneous shopping. Well, I broke the rule, and after hearing alot about Xyron sticker makers, I bought one. It's so much fun!

I spent the morning clipping small squares from a magic cabin catalog. Such a cute pleasing result!I asked Dudo to draw a scene for some of the little fairy stickers.

I'm still brainstorming other ideas of ways to incorporate our homemade stickers into our school time. Any ideas?

Wishing You Fun Lessons with Your Children,
Mama Randa the Sticker Maker


Dawn said...

Those stickers are so cute! That's such a great idea. I like how you had your son draw a scene to put them into.

walk in the woods said...

How cute. I must look into getting one of those sticker makes -- or maybe I shouldn't...he he