Friday, July 9, 2010

"Candy" Necklaces

One of my biggest challenges in homeschooling the past year has been finding time to do projects with June Bug while his toddler brother rampages about. Little Sprout's nap time is really the only time we can get out materials, but it's also often my only chance to exercise, rest, or do chores. Today's project was one both boys could participate in.

You know those cheap candy necklaces maade compeltely out of sugar and artificial colors? We made our own version with Cascadian Farms "Fruitful O's" cereal. Similar to Fruit Loops, but less sugar, naturally colored, and made with organic ingredients.

I threaded two darning needles (which are big and blunt) and gave each boy some cereal to work with. June Bug worked thoughtfully to arrange his colors.

Little Sprout ate most of his cereal, but made a concentrated effort to get a few onto the string. More than once he tried very hard to thread a piece, only to give up and eat it out of exhasperation. On the flipside, he once started to eat one, only to take it back out of his mouth, slobbery and sticky, and THEN thread it onto the string!

June Bug models his necklace which we will save for an outdoor adventure or park trip.

Little Sprout, who had lost interest in the project and so had his unfinished thread taken away, sees June Bug wearing his necklace and demands for his own back. (Demands = grunts and points) I give it back, and he promptly puts it around the back of his neck, needle still hanging off the end-- at least it wasn't sharp. He smiles proudly as he shrugs his shoulders to keep it in place.

Wishing You Innovations in Inclusion,
Mama Randa the Cereal Lover