Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kid K

Saturday, March 22
Every year our local natural foods co-op sponsors a 5 K Race. While the big people are running the 3.2 miles, the little ones can take part in the Kid K-- a race around the looped park road. Last year Dudo heard a friend talking about the race, so this year he got to participate. It was a very very cold morning which took us by surprise and as a result we were quite underdressed. At one point while we were waiting, Dudo was in tears wanting to go home. But after some hot chocolate and running around with a friend, his spirits lifted and he was ready to race. Many parents ran with their kids, but I was really curious to see what he would do on his own. The "Oompa Man" tooted oompas on his tuba while semi-jogging around the track behind the kids--- simply hilarious! Dudo did very well, he ran the whole way around and finished within the top 6 or 7. All the kids were so cute!
After the race we went home to warm up and rest for theother 2 events of the day (an egg hunt in the afternoon at the same park-- it was chaos! And a co-op owners meeting at night-- fun music and cute dancing kids even though only a handful of people stayed for the music). Hectic, yet fun day.

wishing you the enthusiasm of a child,
Mama Randa

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Shobo C said...

Ari looks so darn cuuuuute!