Saturday, March 1, 2008

Setting the Scene

This week we have received great new wooden toys from two great Etsy sellers. The trio of birds, seen gathered around the 'pond' are from Amber at woodmouseloveswood ( and the carved mushroom with tiny carved gnome are from Lizz at ZooLooNaturals ( What great additions to our play scenes!
To be honest, I've been feeling very overwhelmed lately and the house has been in a state of chronic disorder so we hadn't set up a story table or play scene in a LONG time. But today, with the energizing freshness of Spring, came the motivation to get things done. So the 'school room' is ready for use again after being out of commission for what may have been weeks. Ari and I spent a lovely chunk of time setting up this play scene with our new toys along with some old favorites. The snakes invited the emperor, his dog, the gnome, the mother and baby, the duck, and the girl (did I forget anyone?) over to dinner and everyone had a wonderful time!

Just as Ari sets the scene and gets everything organized so that the characters can have their adventures, I too must continually set the scene of our home-- organizing and re-organizing things so that we may have a peaceful environment from which will blossom many adventures and opportunities.

Wishing You a Freshly Set Scene
mama randa the homemaker

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Lizz said...

Lovely post. Thank you for sharing!