Monday, October 6, 2008

What Can Be Learned From?. . . Wildcraft!

activity: Wildcraft! board game

ages: pre-school through adult

story line: Grandma needs you to gather huckleberries from the mountain. Along the way, you get scrapes, bruises, bee stings, and other ailments-- but good thing you've been gathering medicinal plants as you hike up the trail!

description: A cooperative board game in which players work together to gather huckleberries and return them to grandmas while learning about medicinal plants along the way

what can be learned: Identification of medicinal plants, develop an appreciation for plants, foster understanding that plants are medicine, cooperation, counting, following directions, matching, circular movement, clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, sunrise/sunset patterns
This game just arrived in the mail for us last week and it has already become a favorite. The board is beautiful, the gameplay is pleasurable, and the knowledge imparted is priceless! As someone who does not know much about medicinal plants, I am savoring this unique opportunity to learn more. And I love the sense of respect for the Earth that playing this game instills. The game pieces are plastic, but we've been using little wooden autumn peg people instead. This board game is HIGHLY recommended! We ordered ours through For Small Hands (a great Montessori-based catalogue with alot of good, affordable supplies and toys) or it can be ordered directly from the creators at

Wishing you Evenings of Family Board Gaming,
Mama Randa the Player


Angela said...

wow! i've never heard of this game - it looks wonderful. thanks for sharing about it - i'll put on my girls' christmas gift list!

RunninL8 said...

what an amazing game! I'll have to check out the web site! I love these unique games that help instill love, knowledge and respect for the earth.
Thanks for sharing.

Carle said...

Gosh I wish we could get it in South Africa for South African plants.