Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Places . . . Castle Park

This park is simply the most astounding work of art/construction I have seen (second, however, to The City Museum of St. Louis). I remember driving by the site several times in high school and watching with wonder and awe at the scene that was being created within that iron fence. I never thought I'd have a child who was old enough to enjoy it by the time it was finished!
The park was built (and is still being maintained and added to regularly) by a father in memorial to his son "Boo" who died as a teenager (leukemia I think?). The boy loved Dungeons and Dragons and all things mystical. Construction continued for 5 years before finally opening it's gates a couple summers ago.

Here's June Bug riding his dragon to the castle

And here's the oh so fun HUGE dragon (great for climbing on)

Yet another dragon (there are also at least a dozen wizard statues, none of which I took pictures of this time)

Each and every element of this park is an exquisitely details work of art. Like these gorgeous mosaic benches. . .Look up and you might catch a glimpse of these creepy guys

The bell tower-- it must drive the neighbors crazy

And here are some glimpses of the castle itself-- a labyrinth of connecting paths, bridges, ladders, and secret passageways all held together with a pinch (or a heap really) of magic!

Wishing You The Heart of a Knight Brave and True,
Mama Randa the Queen


Anet said...

Wow! What a fantastic park! My Noah would love it. Such the sweetest tribute from this father to his son.
The creepy guys up in the trees are really cool!
Thanks for stopping in at my blog!

denise said...

Wow, you are right! That is a very cool park. We have 'dream parks' around here with similar layout/designs, but the castle theme is very creative! :)

Anne said...

My kids would love to play there!

RunninL8 said...

WOW! We have a couple "castle Parks" here in Alaska-the same woden structures but not the AMAZING dragons treebound beasties, knights and such! I can just picture Lo in her fairy wings, crown and tu-tu running around just eating the place up. What a whimsical place. Right up my alley! Move over kid! Let me on !

raining sheep said...

What a cool park...I can totally see little ones loving that. Those dragons are fantastic.

Amber said...

Oh that looks like so much fun.
This is a lovely blog. I have just found it.

PolarBearCreations said...

Cool park! That big dragon looks great!