Sunday, April 6, 2008

Puzzle Kids

This design came about by accident. I was attempting to create a puzzle tower, but the shape reminded me of a child sitting peacefully with hands in lap, so I went with it. There's not much to them, as a puzzle they are only three pieces, but the kid's seem to really like them anyway. The felt heart is the final touch, without it they were lifeless. These two now reside in my Etsy Shop.


Yarrow said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I am frustrated by the recycling and not recycling that goes on with my neighbors too. How do you have eight bags of trash a week? Geez. Good luck. Love the toys, so cute. Blessings.

Saskia said...

your etsy shop rocks, I'll have to save up for some of your stuff

Poppy & Mei said...