Sunday, April 13, 2008

6 Unimportant Things and a Series of Silly Pictures

I've been tagged by woodmouse to post 6 unimportant bits of information about myself. Well, I've been racking my brain , but really, it ALL seems important. The smallest details, all put together, make us who we are. We cannot be separated from our little quirks. We ARE our little quirks! Well, anyway, here are some of the most trivial things I could think of about myself.

1. When I have paint or glue on my hands I often wipe them off on my pants or even the rug in the art room. You can imagine how not-clean the rug is. If my landlords happen to be reading this, then don't worry, I don't do it to the new carpet in the livingroom!

2. I am currently addicted to these all-natural miniature peanut butter cups that our local foods co-op just started carrying in bulk.

3. My body tends to need lots of sleep. Often 10 or more hours.

4. I sing in the shower-- who doesn't?!

5. I'm really really bad about taking library books and movie rentals back on time. At the moment, I think I have about a $40 fine at the library. Therefore, it tends to be binge-and-purge with the library: check out a whole bunch of books and movies and cds at one time, then forget to bring them in on time, rack up a big fine, then wait several weeks or months, finally pay off the fine, check out a bunch of materials again, and start the whole things all over.

6. I like to swing.

See, all those little 'unimportant' details really tell alot about me, don't they? Just think of the picture you would get of me if I told the really important stuff!

So I'll leave you with a funny series of pictures that Dudo and I took of ourselves yesterday.

I can't believe I'm posting that^ for everyone to see!

Here's me with the new mermaid tail I made, and there's Dudo, the Prince of Underwater World with a 'broken knee'. Playing this reminded me of how I used to thoroughly enjoy wrapping up my leg and pretending it was a cast.

Wishing You Days of Dramatic Play,
mama randa mermaid glory


kristin said...

wonderful photos!! looks like you're having loads of fun.

unimportant things sure do tell alot...i like to swing too :)

kristin said...

i have sent you some emails, but they bounce right back...undeliverable. just wanted you to know.

Dawn said...

Those are some fun photos. I love to swing also! What a great meme.

Saskia said...

ha, that was fun to read! those peanut butter cups sound pretty good!

Shobo C said...

I hear you on number three. In my case definitely more than 10 hours, they say you need less sleep as you get older though...

And awww!

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Miranda,
Thanks alot for your comments on my postcard blog. It helps to know that people are reading. Please visit often. Best regards with your blog also.

Tara said...

I think it's important to share some fun facts about yourself, pull back the curtain of anonymity just a little. I need loads of sleep too!

the puRple gRasshoppeR said...

hey Miranda!!! so glad the prints arrived and that you loved them... thanks for stopping by the blog to let me know...

life should be full of unimportant things.. unimportant=no worries= a lot more fun!!!! don't you think? and then I could sleep for 10 hours ..

keep in touch.

Tammy said...

I love the photos. The one with the "broken knee" cracked me up. My 7 year old is always assigning us ailments so she can fix them with her doctor kit. We've had a lot of broken bones and surgeries around here lately. ;)

RunninL8 said...

I'm there with ya on #5. I have pretty severe ADD. I just paid $40 in library fines. We had books all over the house.
On another note,thought you might be interested in yummy smelling natural wood finishes if ya haven't found these already-

about denise said...

You guys are so cute!