Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Life Springs Forth

I'll admit to being an emotional wreck the past few weeks. Every day is a roller coaster of emotion-- each one felt to it's extreme. This story perfectly illustrates how I can go from despondant tearfulness to complete elation in a matter of moments.
I'd had a hard afternoon and had been feeling sad for hours. Finally I decide to actually do something besides lay around feeling sorry for myself, so I fill a cardboard box with newspaper for our pregnant cat who I thought to be about 5 days from her due date (I watched the conception happen so I knew exactly how far along she was).

Okay, so then the box was ready, but where was Nuk-Nuk? I find her in a box of silks by the computer. I lift her to show her the new box/nest and she lets out a little cry-- there are four fresh kittens under her! As soon as I put her down June Bug and I got to watch her birth the final kitten.

And to think, we had been there the whole time, no more than 12 feet away and had no idea Nuk-Nuk was giving birth. What I find most interesting though is that I suddenly decided to prepare a birthing box for her NOT KNOWING she was birthing that very moment. Coincidence? or Serendipity?

I now feel this strange new connection with Nuk-Nuk. When we first brought her home, I knew she was either a wise old soul or just a little bit slow in the brain. Well, now I know that wisdom is not her strong point (that I can see anyway). She is a strange, slow little creature. But now I see her with these kittens, purring softly as she licks them from head to tail, lying serenly as they nurse from her many nipples. I look at her and suddenly feel that we are kindred souls, sharing similar experiences of motherhood at this point in our lives. Despite her slowness, she is a good mother and it inspires me to watch her at work.

Wishing You the Privelage to Observe Spring Babies,

Mama Randa the Awed

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RunninL8 said...

Nope. The vacuous ones are truly the deepest. Our greatest teachers.
What a sweet little family!