Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wooden Mosiac Eggs

If you're like me, then Easter Eggs have stayed in your fridge uneaten for a length of time far exceeding their expiration point. Now what to do with them? Here's a project idea for the shells.

You Need
colored eggshells
wooden egg

Peel your eggs and save the shells, grouping them by color in separate compartments (the compartments of the eggs' carton will work fine).

Take your wooden egg and squirt glue onto the top half of the egg. Use the paint brush to spread the glue evenly. You can find wooden eggs at craft stores or order online from wood craft sites. Ours came from Hobby Lobby.

Once your glue is evenly spread, begin adding bits of shell. Once you have covered al the glue areas, allow the egg to dry and then repeat with the bottom half of the egg. Working on only one half at a time allows you to have a good spot to hold on to the egg. That's it!

Of course your child's will look more like this.

Wishing You Inventive New Ways to Reuse the Old,

Mama Randa Morning Glory


Dawn said...

That's a great idea! Very pretty.

voice said...

Wow! that's a great idea!

RunninL8 said...

clever idea for all those icky eggs! And even the good ones! I'm always bummed to peel a dyed egg to eat-seeing those beautiful peices of color go down the disposal....
we'll do this one next spring!

Snippety Gibbet said...

OH........MY...........GOSH!!!!!!!! Now I know what to do with all those pysanky eggs that I spend hours upon hours working on, only to have them implode at the last moment. Genius!!!!!!!!!!!