Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wow, spring is really here and things are busier than ever, but in the very best way. I am no longer doing full-time child care (though I still watch two little girls a couple times a week) which is a HUGE relief and has freed me to be able to do more woodworking. Many projects have been going on here, and many more will be completeled for sure now that I have a brand new work table!

Well, maybe not BRAND new. Take an old, worn, wobbly table, add for sturdy legs, attach a heavy layer of plywood to the work surface, provide two little shelves for storing tools when not in use, bolt on a new vice... a Ari has his own little work table too, and the two of them together out in the yard makes for the ideal work zone. So much better than the dark cramped workshop that I have worked out of until now. It's amazing how much of a difference it has made already in the past two days.
Bathed in light on the table, sits the Bunkbed that I made today for Dudo's stuffies. It looks alot like his own bunk beds. Both Dudo and stuffies were happy with it.

Anyway, I'm trying to settle into a new routine now that I am no longer a home-child care provider. The plan is to set aside computer time every day for my etsy shop and blogging. So I hope to be 'hearing' from everyone again soon!

Wishing You the Best of Changes that Come With Spring,
Mama Randa the Relieved One


RunninL8 said...

Cool table! I definately would prefer to work outside when the weather is nice! I'm hoping to get back to some woodworking/experimenting this week. I'm loving my scroll saw! i was surprised to find a hand sander in our shed and I also bought a dremel rotery tool kit for detailing. I put them to use on the dollhouse for my daughter and except for the roof which isn't long enough, it came out awesome. She loves to play with it and that's such a great feeling!
Making Ari his own bench is such a great idea! What a good way to initiate imitation!
Take care,happy scrolling!

TheSingingBird said...

That's such a great example and tool for your little one to grow up with, you're a great mama! :)

Woodmouse said...

Congrats on the table, it looks great and so roomy. The thought of working outside is wonderful too!

voice said...

Wow! Thats a cool table Randa! Maybe when we go canoing we can look for good pieces of found wood for you to work with.